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Ladies and gentlemen, parents, dear students, of Lycée Voltaire

I am happy to be able to participate in promoting French education in Egypt. I have completed my professional career in numerous educational establishments in France, both in middle and high school. In fact, I spent more than 23 years at the heart of the French education system. I started as a teacher in 1997 and for 11 years I led educational sessions for high school students in vocational and technological education… I was keen to train these students and enable them to obtain a professional diploma. for rapid integration into the world of work.

With this teaching experience, I wanted to go further by integrating the body of inspectors to this time support teachers in their daily practice and develop their pedagogy, and have a more global approach by supporting and advising high schools in their projects and innovative approaches.

After 2 years as an inspector, I naturally wanted to lead teams myself by becoming head of the establishment. During my various positions (assistant principal, Assistant Principal and Principal) I was able to work within establishments of varying sizes (from a small country college with 170 students to a large city center high school with more than 2000 students) to improve living conditions and reception of students in difficulty or suffering from disabilities within the regulatory framework of inclusive schools;but also so that the school allows each student to have a chosen and successful orientation. I was able to implement the various reforms, that of middle school in 2012, then that of high school in 2019 with the new Baccalaureate. But during this year 2019-2020, the health situation linked to COVID has disrupted everyone’s lives and also the functioning of educational establishments; I therefore experienced this great upheaval by directing teachers towards an adaptation of their pedagogy towards distance learning. Then I had to leave France to come to Egypt. Arriving in September 2020 in Cairo, having left my job to follow my husband, I took the time to travel this magnificent country in order to discover its culture, its customs, its way of life.But my desire to go back to school quickly caught up with me… with my knowledge of pedagogy and my listening skills, I began to support French people (locally and remotely) in their preparations for competitive exams for teachers, head teachers or in their career changes. The results of these 2 years spent in Cairo were so positive that I wanted to put my experience back into the service of children’s education and apply for school head positions, which led me to meet the leaders of the SVS high school to take charge of the French teaching section. I would like to be as close as possible to the requirements of this education system that you have chosen and to listen to you for the well-being and success of your children.

Voltaire High School had the pleasure of organizing the seminar for partner establishments in the Middle East and Indian Ocean zones of the AEFE  on February 7 and 8,

  2020.  Under the chairmanship of the Director of the AEFE Mr. Olivier Brochet, his collaborators Mr. Laurent Bertat head of the Near and Middle East zone, Mr. Philippe Exelmans deputy director of the Renovation Development Support (SADR) department, Mr. Ali Mouhoub IAIPR responsible for the Middle East zone in the educational field, and in the presence of the Advisor of Cooperation and Cultural Action Mr. Jamel Oubéchou.

During these two days, 50 school heads and managers exchanged views during conferences and workshops on good governance of establishments.

We thank the AEFE for trusting us with the organization of this seminar.

Finally, Mr. Ambassador meets with a delegation of teachers and representatives of parents in a free discussion around French education abroad.




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