Documents required for the admission process:

  • 2 computerized original birth certificates
  • Copy of student passport
  • 12 recent passport photos of the student.
  • Copy of the national identity card of the mother and father.
  • Copy of student vaccination report
  • Valid residence visa and entry stamp for non-Egyptian students.
  • Copy of both passports for dual nationals 

Documents required for Egyptians transferring from another school in Egypt:  

  • Certificate of Registration
  • 4 copies of transfer documents from previous school stamped by school and government agencies
  • Certificate of attendance or achievement report for the last 2 academic years stamped by the school’s educational district   
  • Electronic transfer form from previous school
  • Ministry of Education School Hierarchy Letter 

Documents required for non-Egyptians transferred from outside Egypt, in addition to the above:

  • Copies of passports of both parents


Please Note:  We regret that we cannot begin processing your application without the required documents.