We believe that school activities and events have a profound impact on childdevelopment. Therefore, we aim to provide our students with a fun and educativerange of activities to enhance their academic, social and intellectual skills. While having fun, students:

  • Develop a greater sense of loyalty within their community.
  • Build skills outside of the classroom.
  • Discover new fields of interest.
  • Interact with others and build friendships.
ICT projects at Kipling

G6 Students practiced skills taught through wonderfully prepared presentations/projects. Students recognised the importance of a ‘timeline’ in movie editing software and applied

the following skills: inserting pictures, using effects, importing captured videos and how to use the internet independently to ‘send a file to a specific address/code’.

Crazy Hat Dat at Kipling

“Smile at the world, and the world smiles back at you”

Literacy Week at Kipling

This year’s Literacy Week was a little different for our students, yet we didn’t let distance spoil our week. Students took part in a variety of activities where they were surprised during

lessons to ‘stop, drop and read’, followed by a ‘scavenger hunt’ to get them moving, and then the week ended with students creating reading corners at home and some story telling from our fabulous parents (volunteer readers)

Upper Primary Student Council

As part of a new online initiative, Student Council members are working on a project where each week they will deliver international news, local news, sports news and segments

about fitness to the rest of the students via Zoom. This is just a glimpse of what our student council have in store. Well done to them all and we are extremely proud of them

G2 students‘Guy Fawkes’

This month, our fabulous G2 students researched about ‘Guy Fawkes’ and confidently presented their findings in creative projects and recorded presentations. We’ve put together 

a short compilation of their work and well done to all of our G2 students- every single presentation was amazing. Keep up the great work