Our “SVS Community Service ” programme aims to prepare students to becomeactive members of society, through encouraging them to apply classroomprinciples and acquire skills through projects that serve the community. Over the past few years, SVS has led various awareness and fundraising events,including:

Uniform Drive

In continuity to the “SVS Community Service” Program, an annual uniform drive has been taking place, and thanks to ALL

of you, a fair amount of clothes is packed and is ready for distribution. G10 students in Kipling School helped in sorting the clothes by item and size, then will be having a trip to El Fayoum, where they will supply a less fortunate school with a proper uniform, as every child has the right to education.

Community Schools

Community schooling is an educational system that provides a viable alternative to public schooling, in rural areas in

 Upper Egypt, and is convenient for children who did not get the chance to attain basic education, or those who dropped out of school. The schools offer non-traditional teaching methods, aiming to develop the children’s creative thinking and self-learning skills. 

Adopting a Community School:

This initiative aims to create awareness around community schooling, and collect donations of 60.000 EGP to cover the annual School’s expenses, that will provide underprivileged children to get a quality education.


Misr El Kheir organization hosted sessions in Kipling School, to explain the aim.

The visit:

We have been proudly able to contribute in Masr el Kheir program, by having a community school at Fayoum under the name: Youssef El Araby School, The school is located in: ezbet Abdel Alim, markaz Sanoras, El Fayoum.

This project was the result of initiating a Readthon project held where students read for a good cause, as well as the donations done by Kipling and Voltaire family and friends. We also donated some of the uniform (collected during our annual uniform drive project). We aslo joined them in a day filled with activities.

Hsopital 57357

SVS child to child donation project. The aim here is to educate our students and raise their awareness in the community. It is important

 for them to understand the concept of giving and helping the less fortunate, as well as feeling compassion for others.

Dar Banaty

As part of our community service programme, G4 students will be visited an orphanage called ‘Dar Banaty’, for street children

to spend a day full of activities, aiming putting a smile on their faces, we have also donated clothes and toys.

The importance of charitable acts and the virtues of charity can only be adopted through real life experiences, and we hope that this experience will be one of many that will enable our students to become ideal citizens and model Kipling students. We try to instill that with privilege comes responsibility.


Ramadan Cartons

We offered our students the opportunity to volunteer in an initiative organised by Misr el Kheir. Students packed

Ramadan boxes. The aim is to spread the goodwill to those in need, cherish your generosity to help less fortunate families in Upper Egypt. Your contribution could make a difference to a struggling family, and nothing offer could be considered too little.


Marathon for a Cause

A burn awareness sessions targeting a “Burn Free Community!”

SVS has hosted several awareness sessions to all

students, guided by a team from Ahl Masr aiming:

1- create awareness by preventing burns.

2- learn about first aid.

3- Accepting and embracing the ones who were injured in our community.

4- Sponsor the NGO that provides all the operations required to the ones in need.

Being the ambassadors of Ahl Masr, the students were asked to help adults and unaware family members know about the information given, targeting a burn free community.

the sessions were followed by hosting the first Family Run & Bike Ride for a cause, that aims to “Accept The Different!”

In collaboration with Smart Village Management & Cairo Runners, the marathon was hosted in Smart Village streets and Club.

the initiative aims to help the NGO “Ahl Masr” collecting money, to support their ongoing campaigns all around Egypt by: spreading awareness, aid people suffering from burns and helping the less fortunate families that were affected by burn incidents as well as collecting funds for the first non-profit burn hospital in the Middle East.

Garage sale

This annual event aims to provide our support staff (bus matrons, drivers, supervisors, cleaning staff and security personnel) with

This annual event aims to provide our support staff (bus matrons, drivers, supervisors, cleaning staff and security personnel) with affordable


Under the patronage of the Minister of Environment, SVS- Kipling & Voltaire took part in a contest, which is the first and

biggest championship between Egyptian schools in recycling. It’s aim was to raise the awareness and knowledge about recycling and how it is very important to consider recycling as a vital part of our daily life, and how recycling can help out community becoming better place through tangible results.

Orphan’s Day

SVS hosted an Orphans’ Day at the school campus. A fun day was organized in collaboration with the NGO “Share A Smile”.

The event gathered 600 orphans, providing them with inflatables, meals, various gifts, music all day, entertainment, public figures and stars visit… All the activities are being sponsored, aiming to please the less fortunate. SVS students volunteered and helped with the organisation, our aim is to make sure they felt pampered as well as received the maximum fun, hoping to add a smile on their faces.

Meet Sir Magdy Yacoub

SVS students travelled to Aswan and had the great honour to meet with Sir Magdy Yacoub, and to learn about his incredible work

at the renowned ‘Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation’. An extraordinary experience that will be remembered for years to come, and one that will undoubtedly positively impact the mindset of our students.