CSDI is a non-profit organisation that aims at enhancing the quality of life of the Egyptian society through providing services for the needs of young mother and children, and to work with the community to contribute, facilitate, promote solutions for the enrichment of all and contribute to the modernisations of the Egyptian Schooling System through the introduction of aided learning in schools.


At Kipling School, we aim to be active learners who are not afraid to take risks, differentiate teaching, encourage creativity, provide contextual learning, foster integrity, respect the environment, ensure equality, and value our cultural identity and that of others.


At Kipling School, we aim to prepare students for challenges to be met in the future, both educationally and psychologically. We recognise that students need a stimulating and caring environment to thrive and realise their full potential, so they can one day make their full positive contribution in an internationally diverse and fast changing world.


All members of Kipling community are expected to value education, foster integrity, compassion, loyalty to the school and a sense of belonging, do the best you can.0 all the time, ensure equality and be open minded, respect the environment and each other, and value our cultural identity and that of others.