Secondary Student Council

Secondary Student Council provides a representative structure where students can debate issues of concern and undertake

  initiatives of benefit to the school and the wider community.
In kipling, students have a voice and a contribution to make to their school . Today, they were given the opportunity to express their views on issues concerning the school canteen.

Book Character Day

Foundation and Primary students exploring creative thinking through dressing up as their favourite book character. Hats off for

effort and imagination!

School House System

In Kipling, We believe that rewarding students encourages and endorses school effort. That’s why in Secondary,

we developed a house points tracking and reward system. This system increases students’ motivation, raises participation in the everyday classroom tasks and enhances their learning. In addition to that, it has successfully nurtured a healthy competitive spirit among students as they work collaboratively as a team. Winning students receive different gifts as: out of uniform pass, homework free night, quiz retake,…etc.
As boosting students self-esteem is our priority, we asked our students to choose and design logos for the school houses and they excelled in that. They came up with our four main houses: tigers, bears, eagles and lions. We will always be working with our students until they reach their full potential.

Secondary Character Day

Day 1: Movie Character Day ‘A joyful spirit is an evidence of a grateful heart, so we decided to move through each day

  with a happy spirit.’ Day 2: Egyptian theme
‘Real beauty lies within’
Day 3: Throwback to the seventies.
‘We don’t design clothes, we design dreams’

Welcome Day

Good beginnings make big differences and every year brings a positive change. Year 7 students and teachers were warmly

  welcomed to begin this academic year with new opportunities, inspirations and energies.