Carbon Neutrality Conference

Students from grade 7, 8 and 9 presented at a symposium for carbon neutrality attended by ambassadors from Mexico, New Zealand, Ireland,

Singapore and Denmark. The students outlined the crisis in global terms, calculated the school’s carbon footprint and gave possible solutions on

how to get closer to net zero carbon emissions. Proposals included reduce, recycle and reuse together with ideas on how to make our new campus

much more ecological. Kipling is very proud of these young men and women and how they care about planet Earth.

F1 Fathers’ Day


Secondary Annual Science Fair

The Science fair this year was held on Thursday 21st November and the theme was ” Make a difference”.

It was a cross curricular activity since the students prepared their own T shirts (Yellow G7- Green G8- Blue G9) during their art classes, learnt

presentation skills during their English classes and learnt how to use excel to prepare their charts or graphs in ICT classes.


We are very proud of the time, effort and thought that went into the different projects and encourage our little inventors to make the world a better

place and ” Make a difference”.

Secondary International Day

Kipling cultural education consists of the capacity for reflection, with an emphasis on the importance of ‘acceptance’

and the appreciation of ‘diversity’. International Day is allows our learners the opportunity to positively reflect upon

their own culture, and the culture of others. On this day, students take pride in their in-depth research work, well

prepared presentations and spectacular performances.

Primary National Day

National day is an event where students and staff celebrate cultural heritage and value the country they reside in. Students

partake in a variety of activities, where gained knowledge is presented through collaborative group work, creative artwork and

exquisite clothing.