Application Process

SVS aims at preparing young people for adult life as responsible
and capable international citizens of an increasingly globalised

Kindergarten students are assessed by both a teacher and the
school psychologist for approximately 1 hour and are assessed
on age appropriate areas of development. These include the
child’s ability to listen attentively, respond to a range of
situations, follow simple instructions and reflect their ideas
through speech.

Students from grade 4 and upwards are assessed using the
online CAT4 assessment tool which duration lasts anywhere
from 40 minutes to an hour and a half according to the students’

The following are simple steps to start your application process

Application Process:

Complete the application form.

Upon receiving an email, you’ll be requested to visit our campus to pay the application’s fee and submit the required documents: 2 photos, 2 original Birth Certificate and Nursery/School report.

After submitting all required documents, an appointment for assessment and parent interview will be scheduled.

You will be contacted within one week ONLY upon acceptance.


1- The acceptance list will be released within one week and your child’s place will be kept open for a further week, in which you will need to prepare the required documentation and down payment.

2- Assessment results are highly confidential and are not to be informed for any reason.

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