Kipling Alumni

Kipling has had graduating students since 2016/2017 and the number of successful university entrants is growing year on year. The Class of ’18 had

students entering New Giza University to read business studies and medicine, students were placed at Cairo University for engineering and

medicine and several students are continuing their education in the UK including one at Nottingham University.

If you are an ex-student of Kipling we would love to hear from you and know what you are doing. As part of our careers programme we welcome

you to talk to current students regarding life after school. Please contact us at

Ibrahim Shaarawy – class of 2016/2017

“In my brief experience abroad I’ve learned that the one thing that truly helps you in your higher studies is your mentality. So keep it positive. Keep it healthy.”

Omar Gabr – class of 2017/2018

Nothing will beat the feeling of a day at school where you’re surrounded by your friends, family and guided by your teachers, and I’m proud that I experienced that at SVS

Mennatallah El Zohairy – class of 2017/2018

It’s a second home and a second family. No matter where life takes me i’ll never forget SVS.

Mahmoud El Shaer – class of 2017/2018

Best days in our second home, SVS where we enjoyed warmth of the family, acquired knowledge and had lots of fun.