Admissions Policy


It is the aim of the admissions process to ensure that parents understand and support the school’s mission and aims. It is also important that parents understand the curriculum, teaching pedagogy and examinations system adopted by the school. The school aims to admit only children that it feels will benefit from its challenging programmes and who will embrace facilitated learning.

Admissions Policy and Procedures

  • Children are admitted to the school from the age of 3.6 in 1st October for Foundation 1 (Pre-K accept children able to walk and potty trained )
  • Children are admitted to the Pre-K from the age of 2.6 in 1st September (must be able to walk and potty trained )
  • Admissions are taken throughout the year, applications accepted depending on availability although the main admissions process for the new school year is opened in January
  • Details about the admissions process can be found on the school’s website
  • Admissions are determined by the Heads of Key Stage for 1 and 2 together with the Head of Student Affairs and the school counsellor
  • For Key Stages 3-5 admissions are determined by the school Director, Head of Key Stage and the Head of Student Affairs. Candidate students will sit an online assessment and may also be asked to display their written and comprehension skills in English
  • Parents have the right of appeal to the admissions committee by sending their objections to the school by email. The decision of the admissions committee is final
  • The admissions committee consists of the School Director, the Head of Key Stage, the Head of Student Affairs, and a representative of the Board.
  • Prospective students will be given a date for the admissions testing
  • On the same day, parents and child will be interviewed by the Head of Key Stage or School Director
  • Candidates will be chosen based on motivation, academic performance, English and maths ability, good conduct, good moral character, international mindedness and the ability to bring positive qualities to the Kipling community
  • Parents will be informed of the school’s decision by telephone within one week of assessment.
  • Assessments results will not be shared with parents

Criteria for admission

Each candidate’s application materials are carefully studied in order to assess suitability for admission. We look for candidates in KS1 and above:

  • who are, and whose parents are, committed to the Kipling vision, mission and philosophy
  • who are motivated and determined
  • whose academic performance is average to excellent
  • whose conduct is good overall, and who are respectful to others
  • who are internationally-minded
  • who would benefit from the School’s curriculum
  • whose qualities would enrich the School’s community and be a positive contribution to it

**The School Director/Head of Key Stage has the right to accept or refuse any applicant based on their assessment of the applicant’s suitability.

Year Placement

In general, students will be placed according to their age on September 1st of their year of entry. Where it is considered to be of benefit to the student, he/she may be placed in a lower year than requested. Only under exceptional circumstances and with approval of the Ministry of Education will a student be placed in a higher year than his/her age group. In these cases, the cut-off date may be extended to December 31st . Factors to be considered for such a placement include:

  • The cut-off date in the child’s country of origin (Kipling aims to avoid situations in which children will be penalised on return to their home country, where possible);
  • The child’s successful completion of the equivalent year elsewhere;
  • A transcript or report cards from the previous year demonstrating exceptional academic performance and social skills.

If a student is placed in a year higher than his/her age-group, the parents are clearly informed that this initial placement is tentative, and that the school may advise a change of year after the student’s abilities have been thoroughly observed. Any change of year would normally take place within the first two months after the student’s entry into the school.

Requirements for specific years

Certain specific requirements apply to three categories of students:

  • All children entering Early Years must be toilet trained
  • Any student wishing to enter Grade 10 must have completed the first year of all courses they wish to study for IGCSE and the school must be offering all the subjects they have already studied
  • To enter Grade 11 students must have completed a minimum of five IGCSEs at grade C
  • The school does not accept students into Grade 12

Applicants with specific needs

Learning support is available for students who are struggling in English; candidates are accepted into this programme at the discretion of the School Director.

Required Application Documents

  • Parents should complete an online application form, submit a copy of the application to the admission office attached with a recent photo , soft copy of ID for mother and father and an original birth certificate ( new version with national number on it )
  • Copies of the last two school reports and/or transcripts where applicable

Required Documents (after acceptance)

  • Copies of the last two school reports and/or transcripts where applicable
  • 12 passport photos
  • Original birth certificate
  • Transfer paper if coming from another school in Egypt must be stamped by the school and the Ministry of Education
  • If coming from outside Egypt the last report card must be translated into Arabic and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • For Key Stage 1 students must have a vaccination certificate

(Amended October 2019)