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Kipling Director's message

Dear Parents and Students,

I am pleased to welcome you to Kipling School, the British Section of Smart Village Schools. After more than thirty years of experience in Egyptian Schools, I was proud to be asked to join the inaugural team of SVS in September 2007 when the little ones from Smart Kids Nursery needed a new place to grow. The new building was built in the prestigious center of technology, Smart Village, such a suitable site for the new generation to appreciate the advantages of a good solid, affordable education with activities and buildings only available previously to a very few. SVS offers the British Curriculum under guidance from Cambridge University Examinations and the Egyptian Ministry of Education, whilst allowing Egyptian students to keep their own roots and culture. All Egyptian students are obliged to pass the Arabic subjects before graduation. This is our eleventh year and last year saw our first students, who have been with us since Grade 3, graduate and join Universities both in Egypt and abroad. This was quite a proud year for us, made even more special by their outstanding grades. We believe that in this day and age it is important that our students are prepared for employment opportunities that do not yet exist. Daily, technology improves, perspectives change and we need to instill in our students the importance of thinking outside the box. Both, my team and I assure you that whilst education is foremost in our minds, ethics, manners, respect and consideration for others is placed high on our list of priorities. We all look forward to meeting you at SVS.

Linda Azmy ,

Kipling Director

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