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The Child and Society Development Institution (C.S.D.I.) was established in the year 2005 as a organization seeking the welfare and benefit of the Egyptian society, specifically young working mothers and their children. The heart and soul of the organization was the late Mrs. Mona Nazif , chairman of CSDI due to her long and rich educational experience. With her exceptional vision, her aim was to enrich the quality of international education offered to Egyptian children , all the while promoting our Egyptian identity and family values.

The late Mrs. Mona Nazif acted as CSDI President until 2009 and was succeeded by Dr.Ali El Hefnawy – Chairman of the Board of Directors ,Smart Village Company - and then by Mr. Sherief Nazif as the President of the Board of Trustees. Mrs. Mona had a life-long dream that is being perpetuated by all staff members of CSDI, Smart Kids and Smart Village Schools. Her memory will always live in our childrens hearts and will be forever the very essence of CSDI – its heart and soul.

Smart Kids

The first mission CSDI ventured on was to establish a nursery in the heart of the Smart Village, naturally called “Smart Kids Nursery”. The premises chosen for the project was an existing small building in the Smart Village. Mrs. Afaf Awad was then appointed to be the Director of this project on 5th of June, 2005.

Smart Kids was officially opened on the 14th of September 2005 with only 6 children enrolled. One month later, and just by word of mouth, the number had reached 40 students and kept increasing every day. Smart Kids is now running at its full capacity of 115 students in both English and French sections and has a long waiting list of applicants. Parents quickly sensed the high quality of service offered at Smart Kids and the great amount of warmth and love provided to their children by all the nursery staff.

Smart Kids offers a secure, happy and stimulating environment to each child believing that s/he is special, unique and therefore has different individual needs as previously mentioned. Smart Kids offers two different educational systems: “British” and ”French” to cover the different needs of the parents and to model a true international environment that would still recognize and highlight our Egyptian national identity.

Smart Village Schools

One step of success led to another. As Smart Kids began to reach its full capacity, and in answer to parents requests that their children grow with this educational system and stay under the umbrella of CSDI, Smart Village Schools was established in September, 2007.

The dream of the school would never have come to life without the vision of Mrs. Mona Nazif and the support of the great organizations and people whose roles are described in more details hereafter. Dr. Ali El Hefnawy - Smart Village Chairman and CEO at that time, Mr. Nassef Sawiris - ORASCOM Construction Industries , Engineering Consultants Group (ECG) and Mr. Amr Allouba were the true backbone of this project.

In continuation to the nursery’s educational system, the school also started by offering both British and French international education. The British school was named “Kipling” after the great British author “Rudyard Kipling” and the French School was named “Voltaire” after the famous French enlightenment writer and philosopher “François-Marie Arouet” known by the pen name Voltaire.


For the academic year of 2007/2008, “Kipling” operated 7 classes from Foundation 1 (pre-school) to Primary Form 3 inclusive while “Voltaire” operated 3 classes from Petite Section (pre-school) to Grande Section (KG2). The continuous exponential growth in enrollment numbers speak for the success of the project. In the current academic year 2011/2012, "Kipling" is operating 30 classes from Foundation 1 to Form 7 with a total number of 616 students. As for Voltaire,the number of operating classes is 26 with a total of 530 students. The schools have more buildings to be established within the coming few years in order to realize the school’s full capacity.

Both schools, Kipling and Voltaire, manage to present a high level of educational services with only qualified staff members and state-of-the-art resources and facilities but yet with affordable fees, therefore encouraging young families to enroll their children. This is only possible due to the fact that CSDI is a organization.


Smart Village Schools are licensed by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. They offer the MOE’s Arabic, Religious studies and Social studies curriculums to maintain and enrich the local identity of the Arabic speaking students. Kipling got its international accreditation by Cambridge University (Cambridge International Primary Programme CIPP) in 2007 and Voltaire acquired its accreditation (Homologation) in 2010 by the French Ministry of Education.

El Soba

“ El Soba “ – the Arabic word for greenhouse – CSDI’s new community center project is created to serve the surrounding population of 6th of October City, enrolling classes of low income citizens to address vocational development with all aspects of education ,skills and talent while sustaining them from their toddler years till retirement.